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Whether you think you CAN accomplish something, or you think you CAN'T, you absolutely right! We all possess a self-esteem cycle and it is 100% controlled by how we talk to ourselves.

Self-talk is the constant conversation you have with yourself about what consciously and subconsciously happens to you. You constantly judge and interpret your experience by talking to yourself in either a positive or negative manner. Our self talk is rarely focused on how great we are, but rather on a mistake we made or something we could have done better.

In the Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Professions we have the challenge of people on both sides of our process. It's easy for our self-talk to "beat up" on ourselves when things don't go as planned with candidates or hiring managers. However, learning to focus on positive solutions instead of problems, can turn an issue, into an opportunity or accomplishment.

Your daily self-talk and visualizations are habits you've acquired over the years. I want to challenge you for the next 21 days to deliberately control your self talk. No negative thoughts, cynical statements, snide remarks, sarcasm and no criticism even done in jest. Remember your subconscious cannot differentiate between the truth and a joke.

If you wake up and announce "It's going to be one of those days!" you will spend the entire day proving yourself right. The energy you put out, represents the results that will actually come in to your life. It's the Law of Attraction. If you want more positive things to happen in your life, you must project positivity!

Make a conscious decision to avoid negative individuals with low self-esteem, who are constantly complaining, whining or blaming others for their unhappiness. Never allow yourself to be limited by someone else's opinion of what you can or can not achieve. Positive self-talk puts you back in control of your life and destiny.

Picture yourself where you want your life to be. Write and repeat positive affirmations as if you have accomplished them. Positive self-talk statements are the best way to either maintain or buildup your own self-esteem. They deliberately lock-out the negative put-downs that we or other people, try to make us accept.

Consciously control your self-talk, or it will control and limit you. Follow any negative thought with a positive affirmation like "I learned from that" or "the next time I'll"

Starting today, when you talk to yourself, say "nice things" so you do attract the things, people and results you want to achieve. Please share some of your positive affirmations in the comments below!


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