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Is there one question you could ask, to reveal the REAL reason someone will accept a new job? The answer is YES, and I will share it with you. When you currently ask this question, why do you repeatedly hear the same answers?


Candidates are guarded during interviews, because rapport or trust have not been established. They don't want to come across negative, so they provide common responses like "There is no chance for advancement" or "It's time for me to make a change" or "I wasn't looking to make a change, you recruited me."


I've learned in order for a person to change jobs, something must exist at their job that they don't like, and can't control. If the only two reasons given by a candidate are money and advancement, you and I both know they will probably accept a counter-offer.


Starting today ask this question: "If you were your boss and could make five change that would make your job more enjoyable, what changes would you make?" That question reveals the REAL reason someone is contemplating a job change and their reasons are NOT resolved by a counter-offer.


This refines your search and matching efforts. You now know what opportunities to present, that your candidates will accept, without hesitation!


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