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During the placement and fill process there are numerous times when negotiations take place. You must become proficient in negotiating because you have people on both sides of your sale. Improving your ability to negotiate will have a very positive impact on your income.


Very early in the placement and fill process, establish yourself as a negotiator to both the client and candidate. It is very important to remember their only interest is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Enthusiasm is contagious, so is uncertainty. Your attitude can make or break your ability to negotiate.


  1. Improve profitability
  2. 2Achieve desired outcome while fostering relationships
  3. Maximize financial returns and value in negotiations
  4. Avoid getting paid less than the value of your services
  5. Neutralize difficult negotiators and their tactics
  6. Enter into and conduct negotiations with confidence
  7. Know when and how to walk away from a negotiation
  8. Improve relationships with clients and candidates
  9. Acquire leadership and team building skills
  10. Turn differences into assets rather than liabilities

Most studies on negotiations state that in over 75% of all negotiations, both parties wait to see what the other party will do before they decide what to do themselves. What that means is that a person who has any negotiation framework in mind gains an enormous advantage in the negotiation process.


With a framework, you will be able to set the agenda, establish the tone of the negotiation and direct how the negotiation proceeds. The more comfortable you become at negotiating, the more successful you will become in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession.


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