new norm

What is “your” new Normal?

I’ve never been more impressed by individuals in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession, than I am right now. For so many of you, the life you were living 3 week ago doesn’t resemble your current reality. However, you’ve proven how creative and tenacious you are, by figuring out new ways of reaching out to clients and candidates while you continue to help others.

The great news is there are companies who are hiring and the temp and contract business in many niche areas is flourishing. Obviously, recruiters who place in the medical profession, transportation and other essential businesses are busy. It’s important to know that many recruiters are still making placements and fills.

There is also talent on the market that haven’t been available in over three years. One great example is hard to find IT Contractors. Many companies realize they can attract this talent now, if they are willing to allow them to work remote. Cyber Security experts are busy figuring out how to protect their company, while their employees are working remote on their computers also requiring the hiring of more of these experts.

It’s also amazing to watch the positive impact you’re having on your clients just by reaching out to check on them. Too often our client feel we only talk to them when we’re making money on them. Now is the time to position yourself as a workforce/workplace expert who can be their sounding board during good times and bad.

Listen to their challenges, be empathetic and do your best to see the world through their eyes. Companies are focused on increasing revenue while cutting expenses and often that will involve hiring contractors or temp workers or targeting direct hires with specific skills needed. You also want to be there for them, when they need the services you offer.

Many candidates are working from home and are accessible. They appreciate hearing from you to update what is most important to them. It’s also great for people to hear you discussing how strong the job market will be in the future. People need to hear that right now, and who better to deliver the message than you. There has never been a better time for you to pipeline top talent.

I also want to recognize everyone who is sharing their talents and helping others right now. I know one firm who does not specialize in the medical niche but learned their local hospital was overwhelmed trying to locate and pre-screen nurses and other medical professionals. They offered to help them source and do initial screening at no cost, to support the effort of their HR Department.

Some staffing firms delivered food baskets to temporary employees who lost their jobs, while others were helping their community identify new resources for equipment desperately needed, because we are so resourceful. Other recruiters have helped candidates identify transferrable skills to help them consider other types of opportunities. So many individuals in our profession have donated to food pantries or other organizations who are helping the most vulnerable.

For those of you who are struggling working remote, this is a great time to learn the advantages of planning. Every evening write down the top six priorities you will accomplish the following day, continue to reach out to your clients and candidates, take time to do the things you never have time to do and lastly, be very proud of what you do for a living!


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