According to recent studies, 33% of all new hires quit their job within the first six months. As a result, employers are now evaluating you on fifteen additional areas.


Employers want to know that you are willing and eager to be a part of their company. They may ask why you want to work for their company and will often test your interest level. They want to hire individuals who are qualified for their current opportunity, but also show enthusiasm about working for their company long-term. The best way to display a high level of interest is to use the words “On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest, I’m a 10.”


Ability to Speak Clearly and Listen
Speak clearly, pronounce each word correctly, and refrain from using any slang, abbreviations, or text terms during your interview. Verbal communication skills impact almost every hiring decision.
Never interrupt the interviewer, until they are done speaking. If you do not understand a question, clarify your understanding before you answer.


Interaction with Others
Most opportunities look for an individual who can interact with other people. Give specific examples during your interview of your ability to work effectively as a member of a team. This is applicable for on-site as well as remote opportunities. Often interaction and clear communication is more important for individuals working remote.


Leadership Skills
Leadership does not only refer to supervisory or management positions. Hiring authorities look for leaders in most positions. What sets you above your co-workers? What skills can they build on for your future growth with their company?


If you are a current Manager or Supervisor, highlight your leadership abilities. Leaders have followers, Managers have subordinates. People will often resent a strong Manager but are inspired by a strong Leader. There are reasons why much emphasis is being put on leadership qualities.


Problem Solving
Employers need to know that you can handle yourself when a problem arises. Whenever possible provide specific examples that demonstrate how you are someone who does not dwell on problem, but rather switches immediately to viable solutions.


Work Related Experience
If you have related experience, share the level of your experience and expertise so the employer realizes there will not be much of a learning curve. This also applies if you are changing professions or industries, or if you are going from the public to private sector. You have experience that is transferable, and soft skills that are marketable beyond your current profession or industry.


Community Involvement
Most employers are impressed by volunteer work. This shows you take pride in your community and displays team player abilities. Many hiring managers are now Millennials who put a high premium on philanthropic endeavors. Research the causes that are supported by the company you have targeted to make sure they align with your beliefs and values.


Company Knowledge
Employers like to hear that you have done your research regarding their company. It proves that your interest in working for their company is sincere. Set up google alerts, read press and media, and connect with current as well as past employees to gain knowledge not shared on the company website. Also research the LinkedIn profile of the person/persons who will interview you.


Employers want to know that you can easily “go with the flow.” It proves that they will be able to depend on you later, no matter what changes they implement. Flexibility does not refer to your desire to work flexible hours. This refers to your ability to quickly adapt to change.


Speaking of flexibility, many jobs are going back to on-site or hybrid work arrangements, If you are only interested in working remote, it will limit the number of opportunities. In addition, the lack of interaction has limited career growth for some individuals who will only work remote.



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