The Impact of Kindness and an
Outside/In Approach

In the Recruiting Profession you interact daily with numerous people, whether it’s online, over the phone or in person. If you asked your current candidates, hiring authorities and co-workers to describe you, would they use the word kind?

More than likely, you feel pressure to fill multiple requisitions, job orders, contracts or temp assignments. Every hiring authority expects to be your top priority, so their job is filled first. Every candidate, even the ones who don’t have skills, experience or stability expect you to hire them or find them a job.

Developing an “outside/in” viewpoint will help you achieve more while you show your clients, candidates and co-workers that you care about what’s important to them. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients, candidates or co-workers and see the world through their eyes.

It’s never our job to disagree with what someone else does or says. It is our job to determine what’s most important to them. Who would your client hire without hesitation? What job would your candidate accept immediately? How can you communicate kinder to your co-workers?
When you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you will do a better job for them. You will listen to understand where they are coming from versus judging them and they will appreciate your approach. People also appreciate honesty and feedback, whether it’s the news they were hoping for or not. It’s not kind to ignore people or send them a templated message.

If you want to excel at your Profession, think of small gestures of kindness that can be accomplished throughout your process. Whenever you get the chance, say thank you, send thank you notes, celebrate little wins and nurture all relationships, even when you’re busy.

Every day you help candidates achieve their career goals while you present the top talent companies need to meet their objectives. Along the way you will experience pressure, rejection, frustrations and disappointment, but through it all, remember to be kind.


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