The Impact of Erasing Goals Not Achieved

When production goals are set, they represent the aspirations and dreams of your employees. When your team hits their production goals, they earn what they projected for the year. This not only impacts them, but the people they love.

Think for a moment about the goals that were set for the first quarter of 2020 and compare that with the production that was achieved? If someone does not attain their goals, the difference should be added to the remaining nine months of the year. You don’t want the people who work for you to give up their income dreams in the first quarter of the year.

Let’s review some of the problems with not holding your team accountable for their goals:

    1. They will not earn what they anticipated for 2020
    2. This undermines your role as an owner or manager to the employees who do attain goals.
    3. You could begin to lose money on employees not achieving goals, depending on their comp plan.
    4. The budget you set will be off because revenue goals are not being attained.
    5. This will tremendously limit the growth of your company

The best gift you can give your employees is to add unattained goals to the remaining months of 2020. Let them know you don’t want them to give up their income goals for 2020 in the first quarter.


When an employee does not attain their goals, you must also take specific actions:

  1. Review their stats and individual ratios
  2. Show them the results they need to attain daily, in order to achieve those goals
  3. Meet with them at the end of each day to review their priorities and planner
  4. Focus on the 20% of their actions that provide 80% of results
  5. Conduct a weekly review by asking three questions at the end of each week
    • a. What they did right? (continue doing those things)
    • b. How did they waste time? (stop immediately)
    • c. What new strategy are they implementing each month

When you conduct a weekly review, they may have an off week, but it won’t lead to a flat month because you are holding them accountable.
You are the leader and must hold your team accountable, because you are in business to generate profits, not provide a job for your employees. You will attain your sales and profit goals when you teach your team how to achieve or surpass goals set.


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