The seasons and leaves are changing, but what changes are you making to live the life you deserve? Imagine the impact if you replaced a current habit with a more effective habit every month, starting this month!


Let me give you five examples. If you never have enough time to get things done, the solutions is to plan your day the night before. Write down the top six non-negotiable priorities you will achieve the following day, and don't end your day until they are completed. If you are in sales, write down the top six priorities closest to the money each day.


If you are constantly getting upset by something or someone, realize you can choose NOT to react to them. Nothing or no person can upset you unless you let them, and why would you? It is extremely empowering to choose NOT to reach.


Often negative self-talk is the enemy in improving your life. We all talk to ourselves, in fact I often answer myself. (not good) Starting this month, what if you decided to "say nice things" when you talk to yourself, instead of beating yourself up. If you hear yourself say "that was really stupid" follow it with a positive statement like "at least I learned never to do that again."


If finances are your greatest issue, go back and review where you spent your money in the last 90 days. Then determine what expenses could be eliminated (like a daily Starbucks) or figure out specific steps you need to take in order to increase your income.


Do you wake up with no energy? Try walking, dancing, singing, meditation, yoga, anything that clears your mind the minute you wake up. Fill your body with oxygen and tell yourself it's going to be a great day. It's amazing how much your attitude impacts the quality of your life.


I'll love fall, I love the changing colors in the Midwest, but what I love even more is helping others create the lifestyle they deserve to live.




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