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Read Between the Lines!

Great recruiters and Talent Acquisition Professionals are experts at reading between the lines. After interviewing hundreds of candidates we learn that it's often what is NOT said that reveals what is most important to the people we represent. This also applies to the conversations with have with Hiring Authorities.


Whenever there is "silence" it's so tempting to begin talking, but a candidate's or hiring authorities' hesitation to respond can reveal possible areas of concern or red flags we need to address.


When I hear a "yes" or "no" as a response to a question, I know I asked the wrong question. Questions should be open ended to help identify the priorities of the people we represent. Learning how to ask the BEST questions is a constant learning experience, as the job market continues to evolve.


My three favorite questions are: "What must be there for you to accept a job today?" "What are the five things you'd change about your current job if you were your boss?" and "What are the five accomplishments you're most proud of and their impact?"


Please share your favorite question, or what you've learned by reading between the lines in the comments below. We can certainly all learn from each other! Thanks in advance for your comments.


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