Put Yourself On Other's Shoes

In the Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Professions, we have people on both sides of our process. We do our best to advance the careers of the candidates we represent. We also help our Hiring Managers attract the BEST talent, so they can achieve company goals.


It is frustrating when we think we've made the "perfect match" and either the candidate or Hiring Manager says or does something that prevents an offer from being extended. Rather than blaming the candidate or hiring authority, I would suggest that you embrace an outside/in approach during your interactions.


When you put yourself in THE shoes of your candidate or Hiring Manager and see the world through THEIR eyes, you will elevate your ability to match the BEST talent with great opportunities.


It's not our job to agree or disagree with the people we represent. Our job is to present opportunities that our candidates will accept without hesitation and to present talent that our Hiring Managers will hire without hesitation.


When you find yourself blaming others involved in your recruiting and hiring process, ask yourself what you could have done different to prevent the situation from recurring. Would love to hear your solutions to problems that occur, during the recruiting and hiring process.


We care about your success. You can trust that every training resource and program have provided results for our clients.


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