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When I address audiences of our end users, the one thing that amazes me is their perception that we are all alike. That is when the overused phrase “you people” is used to describe us, “You people call me all the time!”


Potential clients say we all claim to be different, but when they ask us how we are different we all same the same things, including:

  • We have been in business (x) number of years
  • We specialize in your industry
  • We thoroughly screen candidates and verify credentials
  • We check references
  • We are a local company who is involved in the community
  • You will have access to our extensive network of top talent
  • We have access to passive candidates who are not in an active job search

Their initial reaction is, “Isn’t that what we’re paying you for?” These responses do not differentiate you or your firm from your competitors. After clients hear the first bullet or two, they are bored and no longer listening.

If you want to differentiate yourself, consider implementing the following four strategies:

STRATEGY #1 – Be More Prepared

Upgrade your online presence to share with your new hires and prospects

  • Update your website – focused on the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) vs. WWD (What We Do)
  • Add a whitepaper for prospects at the top of your website that requires them to enter their name and email to help build a database of prospects
  • Update your LinkedIn Profile

STRATEGY #2 – Embrace Education-Based Selling

Create education-based selling that addresses topics that keep your direct hire prospects up at night. This information could be the result of conversations you are having with current clients and the research you are conducting prior to your first hire. How you introduce education-based selling to prospective clients is just as important as the education itself.


“We would like to share some of the data we’ve gathered on the top five challenges facing hiring managers in the (specific industry) today.”


When you provide information that your prospective clients deem valuable, they will be more confident in your ability to represent their hiring needs.

STRATEGY #3 – Submit Articles to Trade Publications and Professional Associations

Identify trade publications that are read by your clients.  Contact the editors of the publications and inquire about hot topics they want to address.  Write and submit articles until one is printed.  Also, reach out to professional associations who have publications and membership lists that could provide you with additional client targets.

  • When your article is printed in a trade publication you are perceived as an expert.
  • Share a copy of the article when you correspond with clients.
  • Keep up on trends by reviewing professional association websites and publications.

STRATEGY #4 – Sell the value of the Top Echelon Network

Explain how your affiliation with the Top Echelon Network will benefit these prospective clients. You have a large network of experienced, qualified recruiters who will help you identify top talent. As a result, you can fill their job orders faster with the BEST candidates.


There is no difference between you and the competition unless your prospects perceive a difference. Once differentiators and brands are established, you will not be compared to any of your competitors.


We care about your success. You can trust that every training resource and program have provided results for our clients.


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