Too many owners are waiting for things to get back to “normal” and that won’t happen. It’s going to be a new normal, unless you live in an area of the country that has not been affected.

It is important that you anticipate the changes you will face. The first one is new questions from candidates and clients. These will include:

  1. Is PPE going to be provided
  2. Social distancing provisions
  3. Will temperatures be taken
  4. How will co-workers with symptoms be handled
  5. Elevators
  6. Lunchrooms
  7. Video Interviews offered
  8. Remote working options

Consistently monitor your emotions and the emotions and changing priorities of your employees, candidates, and clients. Now more important than ever before start every conversation with, “Has anything changed since the last time we spoke?”


Now is the time to position your company with clients, prospects, and candidates. They will remember if you were there for them in good times and bad. They will remember if you talked to them when you were not making money. They will remember if you called to check in on them and their families. They will also know other companies who could utilize your services, so make sure you have your Client Referral Program in place which will benefit them and you!


Continue to market candidates who have not been on the market in three years, offer creative solutions to interviews, offers, and on boarding. Also, discuss the benefits of temp or contract staffing which could solve immediate needs if employees who were laid-off or furloughed decide not to return to work. If you are not in the Temp or Contract business and want to learn how to add that to your current Direct Hire Firm we have an online program that will walk you through a step by step process of adding this lucrative segments to your P & L. Contact us at 219.663.9609 or by emailing Jodi at jsvetich@goodasgoldtrainig.com and put Temp or Contract in your subject line to obtain special pricing.

There will be in influx of jobs because many employees will not:

  • Return to their past employer due to fear
  • Return to their past employers because of changed priorities
  • Choose to go back now, but decide to stay home through summer or the end of 2020
  • Accept a traditional job and will only accept a remote opportunity
  • Accept lower salaries or pay rates
  • Work in certain geographic locations
  • Work in certain work environments – if social distancing is not embraced

If you’ve been positioning yourself as a workforce | workplace expert, you will greatly benefit when the influx of jobs begins to happen as States and business continue to open!


We care about your success. You can trust that every training resource and program have provided results for our clients.


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