Conduct revenue modeling before you address the topic of generating client leads.  Review where you have made placements and fills in the past two years, which will help you identify your best business.   You then want to generate leads targeting your best business.  If you want to obtain a copy of how to conduct revenue modeling, please send your request to


The best client leads should be generated from your current clients and candidates.  Referred business is always the best business because of the inferred level of trust.  Most recruiters don’t recognize leads because they are too busy working their desk.  There is “gold” in your database in the form of endless leads.


If you are doing a great job for your current clients, they will be willing to refer other clients to you as long as they don’t feel this new client will be their competitor for access to the best talent you represent.  Assure them that they will always have first access to top talent.


You will also obtain increased client referrals when you develop and promote a client referral program.  It was no coincidence that client referrals increased by over 300% when we formalized out approach to client referrals and offered to donate to our clients’ favorite charity if they referred someone to us who hired from us.  The charity could be personal like their church or children’s little league team or could be a major charity.  We have a plaque created and have the charity go to the company to present the plaque.  Often a picture is taken and is included in the company newsletter and the plaque is hung in the front office.


Candidates can also provide client leads by sharing where they have interviewed.  In addition, they could provide you with inside information on past employers which allows you to make informed marketing presentations.  They can identify the best companies to target as well as companies they would never consider.  They will also share why they like or dislike certain companies which provide you with inside information.


You can identify client leads when you know one of your candidates obtain a past job by utilizing the services of another Staffing and Recruiting Firm.  You then share this information when you reach out to prevent the objection, “We don’t use Staffing Firms.”


Leads obtained from clients and candidates are more valuable than any other type of lead generation resource.



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