If utilized properly, social media can help you attract new clients, the best talent, and opportunities that represent career advancement.  The following steps will improve your social media presence.


STEP # 1 - Buy Your Domain Name (Personal Name as well as Company)

Your first step is to identify a domain registrar (like and purchase some variation of your name.  If you have a common name, you may need to become more creative or include your middle name or initial.


STEP #2 - Research Keywords for Your Profession | Industry

Identify the keywords or keyword phrases that prospective clients or candidates in your profession or niche use to search for Staffing and Recruiting resources.


STEP #3 - Publish Relevant Keyword-Rich Content

Once you have identified keywords and keyword phrases most relevant to your business, the next step is publishing content on social media sites that use those keywords and keyword phrases.


STEP #4 - Write Relevant Articles for Other Sites

From an SEO standpoint, search engines welcome high-quality content that adds value, especially when other sites link to it.


STEP #5 - Provide Free Advice

You will position yourself as an expert in your field if you provide free advice that would normally cost someone money to obtain.  When individuals benefit by your advice, they would be more likely to utilize your services, connect with you, or recommend you to others.


STEP # 6 - Post an Innovative Alternative to a Best Practice in Your Profession

When you get people to consider an alternative solution to a common best practice you show your creativity and the ability to innovate.  These are both highly desirable traits and will draw positive attention that can help advance your career.


STEP #7 - Comment on an Industry Relevant Blog

Identify the movers and shakers in your industry or profession and comment on their blogs.  Again, this sets you up as an expert.  Look for blogs with an active following.


STEP #8 - Share Posts Written by Leaders in Your Profession | Industry

A simple way to increase your visibility online is to share relevant posts written by leaders in your profession or industry.  This shows your connections that you understand the type of content they would benefit from, again setting yourself apart from others.


STEP #9 - Follow the Movers and Shakers in Your Profession and then Become One!

Identify and follow the movers and shakers in your profession.  Read their sites and comment when appropriate. Watch how they advance in their career and learn from their successes but also failures they’ve overcome. Your personal and professional network should include movers and shakers throughout your career.


STEP # 10 – Become a Professional Association Leader or Board Member

Individuals who serve in leadership of Professional Associations are well-networked and can often help promote your business and the services you offer. Executive Recruiters conduct research and reach out to Association Leaders often for Executive Level opportunities.


STEP #11 - Request Feedback and Comments and Respond to 100%

When posting on social media sites, welcome comments or feedback and then respond to 100% of these posts.   This helps establish rapport which can often lead to offline discussions.





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