First Interviews

First interviews are like first dates! You are a stranger this person doesn't know or trust, and as a result their answers can be "guarded!" That is why it's important to re-interview candidates, as trust and rapport improve.


Asking questions is an essential part of any good first date, and are kept thoughtful and fun. In order to impress a person on a first date you would not bring up serious topics like finances, health issues, fears or challenges. What I've just described is also common, during a first interview.


Most candidates have interviewed with a recruiter or talent acquisition professional in their past. You don't know if their experience was positive or negative, and it affects how they interact with you. They don't know if you will help them advance their career or waste their time.


When someone realizes you can help them advance, their answers become more thorough and insightful. You can then present an opportunity they will accept, without hesitation.


Your interview is the foundation for the hiring process and if done right, will result in engaged and retained employees. In this time of uncertainty and change, continue to re-ask pertinent questions, because candidate priorities often change.


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