Tis the experience more cancellations than EVER! Cancellations are elevated due to the new variance that has decided to "blow up" right before Christmas!


Events, flights, interviews, concerts, sporting events, theater productions, parties and even family gatherings are in question. A perfect example: the NHL just announced they will NOT be competing in the Olympics,


There are many things in life you can't control, and one of them has become cancellations. However, you CAN control how you react, which impacts your well-being and the level of success you achieve. Rather than getting upset, frustrated or angry, take a deep breath and consider other options.


My family members were disappointed last night when the concert we planned to attend was cancelled, 30 minutes AFTER the doors of the theater were scheduled to open. However, we enjoyed our drive to downtown Chicago, share an amazing dinner at the Rosebud Restaurant, loved seeing the City at night all decked out for Christmas, and as a result of the cancellation, we would remember and talk about the evening forever!


If you're in the Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Profession, cancellations by Candidates or Hiring Authorities impacts your reputation and ability to succeed. However, the same rule applies must stay calm and focus on rescheduling vs. getting upset, which is a waste of your valuable time.


When something happens in your life, first determine if it is something you can control. If your answer is "no" than empower yourself by understanding you have 100% control over how you choose to react! In this crazy world, often the best decision is to choose NOT to react at all!


I wish you a happy, healthy, safe Holiday hopefully without too many cancellations!



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