How to Hire The Right Candidate


Often, the most talented candidates feel Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Professionals only care about filling a job and NOT about them! They feel like a name on a list that you are calling, until someone finally says "yes." Most recruiting calls and job postings validate this perception, because you pitch a job.


A resume, CV or LinkedIn Profile represents a person's past and current, not what they envision for their future. Instead of pitching a job, suggest a conversation to discuss career advancement with each candidate. Don't present any opportunity, until you understand what is most important to them.


If you post a job on your website or social media, stop posting a laundry list of your hiring managers requirements. Instead, describe the work that will be done, the company culture, training provided and advancement potential. Prospective candidates need to understand how they will BENEFIT by applying.


Hard to find talent can receive 10 calls or In-mail daily, from recruiters pitching jobs. Differentiate yourself by focusing on what's most important to each candidate. You will make better matches and help them advance in their career.

Bottom Line: You will fill more jobs, while you also focus on what's most important to each candidate.


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