What a thrill to meet RUDY, at the NAPS conference

I've watched the movie “RUDY”  endless times, and meeting the man behind the movie was amazing. I also love ND, which added to my excitement.


I want to share some nuggets from his keynote. First, he stressed how being kind, and establishing relationships with everyone you meet, will change your life. Including, people you may not agree with.


One of the reasons the movie Rudy was actually filmed was due to a kind word from Rudy to a whistling mail carrier. It's a long story.


Rudy suggested we surround ourselves with people who say "when" to our ideas rather than ask why? He stressed the impact that the people you surround yourself with, have on your life.


He ended with a short clip of Kobe Bryant being interviewed and when asked what inspired him, his answer was " The movie Rudy." Kobe was grateful for his God given gifts of a great physique and natural talent.


Rudy inspired him because even though he wasn't born with an athletic physique, it never stopped him from endlessly working hard to pursue his dream of playing football at ND.


Kobe decided to work harder than anyone else, just like Rudy. He didn't want to look back on his life and have regrets that he could have done more.


Imagine the impact if we all worked hard to pursue our dreams, regardless of obstacles or challenges. i certainly faced a challenge when I had to speak at this conference after Rudy. 😀


It was great to meet the humble, kind, empathetic man behind the movie. if you've never seen the movie I would highly recommend it!




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