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Individuals who excel in SALES have learned that Sales is a repeatable process. The Sales Tutor was designed for the outside sales representative who is looking for a system that GUARANTEES success. The Sales System outlined in this 26- lesson program has been used by Top Sales Reps across the country. The Sales Tutor is for the individual who truly wants to attain consistent high productivity and increase their income, starting NOW!

  • WEEK ONE: Your Role as a Sales Executive

  • WEEK TWO: Writing & Signing Goals

  • WEEK THREE: Building Your Network

  • WEEK FOUR: Attaining Excellence in Sales

  • WEEK FIVE: Your Territory & Ideal Client

  • WEEK SIX: Marketing & Technology

  • WEEK SEVEN: Time Management

  • WEEK EIGHT: Step 1 - Prospecting

  • WEEK NINE: Step 2 - Qualifying Your Prospects

  • WEEK TEN: Successful Sales Meetings

  • WEEK ELEVEN: Sales Reporting

  • WEEK TWELVE: Step 3 - Finding Your Customer’s Need

  • WEEK THIRTEEN: Gaining Client Agreement

  • WEEK FOURTEEN: Step 4 - Finding the Money

  • WEEK FIFTEEN: Buying Influences

  • WEEK SIXTEEN: Step 5 - Presenting Your Solution

  • WEEK SEVENTEEN: Letter of Understanding/Proposal

  • WEEK EIGHTEEN: Handling Objections

  • WEEK NINETEEN: Step 6 - Closing the Deal

  • WEEK TWENTY: Negotiating

  • WEEK TWENTY-ONE: Customer Care & Referrals

  • WEEK TWENTY-TWO: Sales Skills – Leadership, Optimism & Drive to Succeed

  • WEEK TWENTY-THREE: Sales Skills – Listening, Communication, Questioning

  • WEEK TWENTY-FOUR: Sales Skills - First Impressions & Sales Presentations

  • WEEK TWENTY-FIVE: Sales Skills - Building Rapport & Selling Yourself

  • WEEK TWENTY-SIX: Sales Skills - Tools of the Trade!


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