The Importance of Focus

July 6th, 2016
It is a proven fact that you will achieve results in the areas of life that you provide the most attention.   The same holds true in the working environment.  You can’t focus on forty priorities simultaneously and expect to attain success in all of them.
The following is a list of distractions that can prevent you from focusing during prime time: •Switching Gears •Co-Workers •Personal Calls •Emails •Conducting research during prime time
My definition of FOCUS:
Finding Orders Certified to produce Unlimited Success
In the recruiting profession, we have people on both sides of our sale.  They talk back, they change their minds, they no-show interviews, their salary demands often escalate faster than the speed of light, they want our undivided attention whenever they call and they disappear after interviews without calling us, just to mention a few of the incidents your employees deal with on a daily basis.
There are three kinds of people: •Those who make things happen •Those who watch things happen •Those who wonder what happened
There are seven areas that should become focus priorities:
AREA ONE – Close clients, candidates and placements •Focus on what is closest to the money •Be aware of all final interviews •Everyone in the office should have the names of everyone involved in the close
AREA TWO – Focus on send-outs •If you want to focus on one area that will give you the greatest results, become focused on booking more send-outs (your candidate interviewed by a decision maker) •Mandate Send-Out Hot Sheets.  You can predict production by closely monitoring send-out totals
AREA THREE – Debriefing candidates | clients •Feedback after interviews must be a priority activity  (You debrief the most interested person first) •Utilize a Debrief form to help your team with their future preps
AREA FOUR – Candidate presentations to clients •If you don’t have placements or send-outs booked, the top priority must be presenting candidates to your clients to book send-outs •This activity is a prime time focus area because it is easiest to contact clients and candidates during this timeframe
AREA FIVE – Identifying and understanding the hottest job orders •Obtain target date to fill instead of a.s.a.p., yesterday or immediately •Three interview times when you write a job order, ensuring send-outs •Email a copy of your job order to everyone involved in the interviewing process to make sure they are all on the same page
AREA SIX – Surfacing new talent daily •Make sure you surface new talent daily •Cover job orders  (A minimum of two to three of your candidates on final interviews) •Develop a process so you don’t waste time on candidates you will never place in a job
AREA SEVEN – Marketing presentations daily •Market the skills of candidates daily •Land the clients your candidates want to work for (Ask every candidate where they want to work)
When you are focused on revenue generating activity, you can focus on enjoying increased profits and growing your business.



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