Denise Natishan

Senior Partner | Cameron Smith & Associates

"Listening to Barb Bruno can change your life. I was fortunate to have Barb visit our team and lead a 2-day training that transformed my professional life. Gaining new tools and a fresh perspective, I was able to break my financial thermometer and have been top biller at a very successful firm ever since.

Whether you are a senior recruiter or a beginner to the field, I think you'll be impressed and inspired by Barb's remarkable energy, organization, and focus, working both hard and smart in a rapidly changing industry. If you are new to the profession, I cannot think of a better training program to get you on the right path for success. Barb is simply the best mentor for recruiting professionals."


Hope Bender

Vice President | Allied Resources Medical Staffing

“GOOD AS GOLD TRAINING and TOP PRODUCER TUTOR played a monumental role for our staffing firm, yielding excellent results in only a few short months. Since Barbara Bruno’s recent on-site visit to our company, revenues have increased by over 60%!

The on-going educational webinars, as well as the unlimited resources in the tutor library, have helped tremendously.

Ms. Bruno’s expertise and money-making specialties have proven to be most effective on our path of continued growth and success. THANK YOU, Barb and the GOOD AS GOLD TEAM!”


Dan Charney

President | Direct Recruiters, Inc.

“Direct Recruiters, Inc brought Barb Bruno into Cleveland a few weeks ago to train our 65-person company. Our firm has been in business for over 35 years and is having its best year ever, but we believe we have a ton of room to get better. Barb spent two full days with our company, and I know that we will grow because of it. Not only was Barb motivational and inspiring but she gave us tactical things to do daily to increase production. She taught our perm recruiters the benefit of adding contractors and vice versa for our contracting recruiters. She challenged everyone in the room with role playing exercises where even our top recruiters learned and got better. It has been a few weeks since our training and I am already seeing many of Barb’s techniques being implemented and results are following. I highly recommend Barb to any firm that is serious about growing no matter what size you currently are. She is smart and engaging and will put energy into your group.”




Threase A. Baker

President | ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc.

“Barb Bruno and Good As Gold came at the perfect time for me and ABBTECH. We struggled with training our current staff and new employee’s. At the time we couldn’t afford a full-time in-house trainer and Barb’s offering provided a win-win for us. Since that time, we’ve grown and we now can afford a full-time trainer but have decided to continue using Barb and her training program since it’s affordable, reliable, easy to access and the content is “spot on”. THANK you, Barb and your team, for providing a GREAT tool!”


Ruth Dorsainville

Chairwoman | The DNA Corporation Companies

“I have been using Top Producer Training since 2009 for both myself and my team. This program is one of the best training as it includes all facets that recruiters needs to learn to run a successful recruiting business. From recruitment, sales, and legal matters. This program covers all topics. Highly recommend!”


Ken Bohan

President | The Liberty Group

“The Liberty Group has been utilizing “Top Producer Tutor” training since its inception. I immediately recognized the value of online training for our industry produced by a leader in our industry. Concepts are dead on with the skills I am looking for my team to develop/improve.

Barb obviously put a lot of thought into how to deliver the material because she has made it flexible, engaging, and personal. It is hard to break away for training “to learn how to do our job better” when we are so busy “doing our job”. Employees have the opportunity to log on at will and go through the program. This is combined with the weekly conference calls with Barb where they can have their questions answered directly. In addition, there are many valuable forms and resources available in her online library without any additional charge.

The return on investment from the training and development of our employees with Barb Bruno is really a no brainer.”


Chris Yelton

President | The Sage Group

“I first met Barb Bruno 20+ years ago at a conference in California… and WOW was I blown away by her industry knowledge, her goal to have relevant material and her common sense approach to business, teaching, training and life in general. Since that time, Barb has spoken at numerous Top Echelon conferences and our recruiters always have positive feedback about their training experience.

BB – My team member thanked me for the recruiting training she went through with you. She said she completed all of the courses and is very grateful for everything she learned. She spoke so highly of how motivating you are, and how you paint a clear picture of what it takes to be successful. She took away many, many tips to implement daily to support her success. She is now performing at a whole new level, and out of the blocks in 2018, poised for an awesome year.

My thanks to you for your wisdom, tools, and inspiration!!!”


Debbie Fledderjohann

President, Top Echelon Contracting, LLC | Vice President, Top Echelon, LLC


“I’ve been in the contract staffing industry for over 25 years and the number one question I’ve always heard from direct hire recruiters is, “How do I get started in contract staffing?” Since contract staffing is continuing to grow each year, we reached out to Barb because we really consider her to be one of the best industry trainers in the country. We asked Barb to help us put together a comprehensive training program that would cover all the fundamentals of contract staffing. That is exactly what she did, and she nailed it!!


Rick Fossier

Managing Partner | CTE Staffing & Recruiting


“We began CTE Staffing & Recruiting last year, and the VAST majority of our activity is handled by Grace (as I am responsible for a couple of other companies I run with some partners). In short, Grace absolutely loves her work and is doing really well with our company – she has become the “go-to” person for a couple of companies in the healthcare spaces we targeted based on our previous experience. The result has been important placements and the accompanying recognition for her.

I just thought I’d send that along as a way of thanking you for getting us moving in a good direction based on your teaching and your recommendations in a number of areas. All the continued best to you.”




Brian M.

"I wanted to pass on some extremely positive feedback. I just concluded the webinar 11am -11:30am CST how to uncover unadvertised job opportunities. This was one of the BEST webinars that I have ever attended. The moderator provided value added, real world, tactical examples of what to do. I am a senior sales executive and learned some new helpful tactics to implement today. Specifically, I was not aware of www: Taleo.net <http://taleo.net/> . I registered for the webinar thru KinsaEdge. Thank You for providing this FREE service. Please also affirm the moderator as she was outstanding. Stay Safe and Thank You very much. "


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