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A call will be schedule between you and Barb, to determine the results you want to achieve. You will then determine the specific training needs of your team. After the call, Barb will provide you with the following:

  • Title and Description of the Training she will present
  • Specific takeaways for participants

At the end of her training she will ask each participant, to share what they learned. In addition, she will obtain their commitment to complete three Action Items over the next 90 days. She will then open the lines to answer questions, most important to your team. When you schedule more than one Webinar, Barb starts out the second training session by asking each participant to share the changes implemented and results achieved, before she delivers additional training.


Imagine the benefits of offering your team customized training on specific topics that would increase your sales and profits. Barb can provide training for any segment of the Recruiting Profession. This training can be customized for ALL level of participants, from rookies to your most tenured team members or management.

  • Customized Webinars provide a significant return on your investment
  • Technology is provided by Good as Gold Training
    (Go to Webinar, Zoom or SKYPE)
  • Handouts and Recordings are provided


Your business depends on your employees to implement procedures that support your goals and objectives. This requires the knowledge that comes from employee training. A competitor may be able to replicate the services you offer, but not your team. Your people and what they do is what sets your company apart. Training is also one of the key factors in improving employee engagement and retention.

When your team is trained, focused, and working toward a common goal, your competition will have a hard time keeping up.


The investment is based on the number of Webinars you schedule:

  • One Webinar : $500

To schedule more than three Webinars, call 219.663.9609 or email Jodi Svetich at, to obtain a quote.