DIAMOND PACKAGE (48 Hours of Consulting)



When you invest in a consulting package, you receive a detailed questionnaire so Barb can prepare in advance of your first consulting call. She will address issues most important to you and will also present strategies that will escalate business growth and increased profits.

At the end of each consulting call, you will receive a follow-up email that provide you with specific written Action Items. Completion of Action Items guarantees you will achieve the objectives of each consulting call.

We offer various levels of consulting packages based on your goals and budget.


This Consulting Package was designed for the Entrepreneur who is committed and determined to see significant changes in their: business, sales, profits, and personal growth. In addition to the consulting calls, this includes Barb providing 2-days of in-house training for you and/or your team.
(The cost of travel would be added on for International Clients)

This consulting package can also include:

  1. One-on-one consulting with your Management Team
  2. Training for your Management Team
  3. Training webinars for your Sales/Recruiting Team
  4. Customized in-house training program

If you want to significantly increase your sales and profits, learn strategies to protect yourself and your business, increase the value of your business, and experience the value of customized in-house training with Barb, this package offers all that and more.

If you want to increase your streams of revenue, Barb will teach you how to add new lines of business to your current busines model and show you how to create passive sources of income, this 48-consulting call and 2-day in-house training package is your best investment.


Barbara J. Bruno offers consulting that is so powerful it changes her clients’ businesses and lives. The entire process is personalized to meet your specific needs, goals, and objectives. You will attain:

  • Clarity and Direction
  • Exclusive personalized consulting sessions with Barb
  • Evaluation, Written Plan of Action and Follow-Up
  • Focused Direction and Accountability
  • Measurable Results
  • Significant Return on your Investment

She will become the most effective listener in your life and will identify specific actions that with provide you with outstanding results!


Barb has coached leaders from some of the largest and most Staffing and Recruiting Firms, to small boutique owners who wants to grow their business. When LinkedIn Learning needing courses on Recruiting, they turned to Barb who has created over 15 courses. When Kogan Page Publishing out of London wanted a comprehensive book on the Recruiting Profession, they hired Barb to write High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting. Her years of experience bring a wealth of information that can help you gain a competitive edge, by implement strategies that work in today’s very competitive market. She has a very common-sense, logical, and caring approach. Barb truly cares and becomes personally committed to your improved success.

Contact Jodi Svetich, VP of Sales, at 219.663.9609 or email her at
jsvetich@goodasgoldtraining.com with questions or to reserve your package.