Companies are impacted by the increased global competition for top talent, which has escalated with many jobs converting to remote opportunities. Individuals hired either help achieve company goals and objectives or could become a costly turnover statistic. The questions everyone wants answered are, “How do you accurately recognize the best talent?” and, “How can you differentiate an average from a great candidate?”


If you want to represent top talent, it is not just about identifying the best person for each job, it is also about identifying the best role for each candidate. The best candidates adapt to change and unexpected challenges and use their communication skills to help accomplish goals. They support and work toward goals that align with company core values. They are achievement-oriented, problem solvers, and dependable. You would describe them as driven, dedicated, resilient, and team oriented.


There are other common denominators of high achievers. They are more likely to participate in specific interest groups, post articles or blogs that reflect their expertise, and comment on other posts. They have probably received recognition or awards throughout their life and have recommendations, testimonials, and acknowledgements from their peers and former managers.


Research if they are involved in their professional associations and if so, did they serve in a leadership role? Most associations post their membership lists, board of directors, and committee heads online which are great resources for top talent. Next, identify and join the LinkedIn Groups that attract high achievers. Write posts on LinkedIn and share them with your groups, to keep your name in front of these potential future hires.


When you learn how to effectively identify the best candidates, you will fill more business and elevate your level of success.



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