Take time consuming training off your desk so you can FOCUS on your other responsibilities which could include, attaining hiring objectives, driving best practices and solutions, or improving engagement and retention. When your Talent Acquisition team implements ideas shared, they will:
  • Improve the intake process
  • Proactively recruit the BEST talent
  • Fill open requisitions faster
  • Fine tune their negotiating and closing skills


We’ve trained over 30,000 in Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Profession worldwide and have IMPROVED RESULTS for 100% of our Clients. Based on these results we’re confident our training program will provide you with a measurable return on your investment. The Talent Acquisitions Process has changed, candidates have changed, and technology continues to change the recruiting process. Techniques shared are current and work in today’s competitive job market where it continues to be difficult to attract the BEST talent. If you have a training program in place we can provide you with more horsepower. If you do not, we can become your structured comprehensive talent acquisition training program.


The investment varies on the number of employees who participate in the program. There is a base cost of $2,997, plus an additional one-time charge of $50 per participant.

If you have questions about pricing, please call our office at 219.663.9609.


The 10-day comprehensive curriculum teaches the talent acquisition process from A to Z. Whether you need training for a rookie recruiter or a tenured recruiting team, there are strategies that will make them more successful.

Topics covered include:
  • Attitude and Goals
  • Time Management and Standards of Performance
  • Improved In-take process
  • Recruiting repeatable process and scripts
  • Sourcing passive candidates
  • Interview process and virtual interviewing and hiring
  • Matching and Negotiating
  • Problem Areas and Solutions
  • Employee Referral Process
  • Strategic Networking
This program also includes:
  1. Daily note requirement focused on what was learned
  2. Daily tests that are automatically scored
  3. Forms and Scripts
  4. Daily Action Items
If you want to achieve hiring deadlines while coming in under budget, everyone who works for you must possess the same skills and implement the same processes. We studied the most successful training programs in the world and identified the following common denominators: Daily training daily for at least 10 days, repetition of key training areas, daily written notes to hold participants accountable and tests to insure retention of materials read. The Talent Acquisition Tutor provides 100% of these elements.


We care about your success. You can trust that every training resource and program have provided results for our clients.


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