Imagine the benefit of bringing Barb in-house to provide customized training that focuses on topics most important to you! Barb is one of the top trainers in the Recruiting Profession, even hired by LinkedIn Learning to create recruiting courses and Tech Serve Alliance to create best practices for their Certification Program. Some of the benefits of in-house training are listed below:
  • Increased Sales and Profits
  • Eliminates the expenses of attending conferences
  • LIVE interaction with your team members
  • Accountability and Measurable Action Items
  • Significant Return on Your Investment
Barb’s in-house training is very interactive and will involve and motivate your team. Her love for this profession and enthusiasm about what is achievable has provided tremendous results for companies who bring who her in-house.


Barb’s years of experience bring a wealth of information that can help your team gain a competitive edge, by implement strategies that work in today’s competitive market. After training clients will not refer to anyone who works for you as “you people” because your team will not sound like other recruiters or account executives. They will leave voicemails messages that are returned, they will understand how to effectively network, and Barb will share step-by-step processes that will support their strengths and address their weaknesses. It is no coincidence that companies experience a significant increase in sales after Barb provides in-house training!


  • One-day of Training: $3,500
  • Two-days of Training: $5,000
You would also be responsible for Barb’s travel expenses:
  • Airfare or Mileage
  • Hotel
  • Parking Expenses
  • Transportation
A down payment of 50% of the speakers’ fee is due to Good as Gold Training upon signature of the training agreement. The second half of speaker’s fee is due 10 days prior to your training delivery date. Final invoice for expenses will be sent to you following the completion of your event. In case of cancellation of speaker’s engagement by either party due to conference cancellation, speaker’s illness, unforeseen emergency, failure of means of transportation etc., a speaking date will immediately be rescheduled.
AUDIO VISUAL NEEDS: LCD Projector or similar technology and Screen
In case of cancellation of speaker’s engagement by either party due to conference cancellation, speaker’s illness, unforeseen emergency, failure of means of transportation, etc., a speaking date will immediately be rescheduled.


When you decide to bring Barb in-house, we first determine if you want to schedule one or two days. We then schedule a call with you and Barb to determine:
  • Who you want trained - Recruiters, Sales, Managers or Leadership
  • Everyone attend 100% of the training – or sessions for specific groups
  • Your expectations and the outcome you hope to achieve
  • Current challenges, problem areas or issues that need resolution
  • Your company goals and objectives
  • Short and long-term goals
Barb is incredibly enthusiastic and makes the training experience enjoyable. She has a logical and responsible approach to training and wants all participants to become more successful. You will receive a detailed training proposal that will outline the titles of each session along with a detailed description and takeaways for your team. After you approve her proposal, she will write the training. The PowerPoint slides and handouts will be sent to you in advance.


We care about your success. You can trust that every training resource and program have provided results for our clients.


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