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The most difficult task in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession is matching. It's even more challenging, during this unprecedented time of disruption. A resume or CV is a picture of a candidate's past and current, not necessarily reflective of what they want to do next.


Candidates are evaluating their career, changing their priorities and turning down job offers. Contracts and temp assignments. Many candidates will only consider remote opportunities and some want to change their career path. Others are putting a higher premium on company cultures that offer diversity, inclusion, training and upward mobility.


Engagement worldwide is at only 15% according to Smarp, and this lack of engagement leads to costly turnover. In many instances temporary workers or contractors resign only days into their new job.


Too often, jobs are pitched very early in the conversation as the perfect opportunity for a candidate. Candidates feel they are a commodity and you will continue to make calls pitching a job until someone finally says yes. Slow down and before you present a job, contract or assignment take time to understand what is most important to each candidate right now. Ask if anything has changed since the last time you talked. Identify their short and long-term goals. Break each requisition into percentages and ask candidates how much of their time, they want to perform specific tasks.


Know the culture and personalities of each department within your client company and be prepared to discuss training offered, diversity and career advancement. Don’t assume for one minute that the priorities your candidate shared with you in your first interview are accurate. There has never been more uncertainty in the job market than there is now. If you want to fill more of the business you’re writing, treat candidates with respect and help them accept a job, contract or assignment that represents what they want to do next.


If you want to evaluate your ability to match, review the retention of the candidates you place. If you are experiencing offer turn downs, fall-offs, or candidates quitting in advance of completing their assignment or contract, don’t blame them. You may need to fine tune your abilities to slow down, determine their current priorities so you can make better matches.


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