When is the last time you had a "knot in your stomach" or "lump in your throat?" If' it's been a while, you're probably living in your "comfort zone!"


Wanting or hoping things will be better isn't enough. Forming new habits is the key to success. Most successful people do things other don't WANT to do - but that's why they achieve success.


Determine the area of your life you want to improve? Health? Finances? Career? Personal? Spiritual? Philanthropic? Work? Relationships?


It simply doesn't make sense to do things the same way you doing them now and expect better results in the future. Set yourself up for success by selecting areas of your life you can control. For situations, people, or things out of your control, empower yourself by controlling how you react!


Here's my challenge...Implement one positive change in your life each month starting now thru the end of next year. It takes at least 21 days of repetition to replace an old habit with a new improved habit. Write it down and post it where you can read it throughout your day. Then sit back and enjoy the results!'s to a knot in your stomach! Please share what you plan to change first in the comments below.



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