Life often happens when you are busy planning something else.  It’s often compared to a roller coaster with endless ups and downs.  A great example of this are the thousands of people trying to get home for the holidays, with the severe weather conditions across the US.  I’m sure no one was planning to spend Christmas Eve of Hanukkah in an airport sleeping on a cot, or without power.


One of the keys to transformation and attaining greater success in your career and life is to “Be at your BEST, when problems occur!”  First determine if the problem you are facing is something you can change.  If not, adapt the attitude “NEXT!” and move forward.  You can’t let things that happened TO you CONTROL your life, or your future.  Every minute you spend thinking about something that happened in the past, steals precious time from your present and future.  It’s empowering to walk away from problems you can’t solve and you will enjoy a happier and more successful life and career.


If you realize you CAN resolve the problem, think of possible solutions.  Next, start to immediately implement the solutions, to the best of your ability.  When you limit the amount of time you allow a problem to upset you, stress you out or frustrate you, the problem will be resolved faster.


Thanks for reading my transformational tip series and I wish you and your family a Blessed, Happy, Health Holiday season and Prosperous New Year.



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