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TWELVE TRANSFORMATIONAL TIPS #3 of 12: Focus on Important vs. Urgent Issues

Have you ever felt more behind at the end of your day, than when the day started?  Urgent issues can be distracting in both your business and personal life.  If you ever hear yourself saying “Where did the day go?” this tip is written for you.


TIP #3 focuses on important vs. urgent issues.  This can be accomplished by planning and prioritizing.  Please don’t stop reading because you feel you don’t have time to plan, or you can’t plan because of constant interruptions.  I convinced myself for ten years that it was impossible for me to plan, because I had people on both sides of my sales process.  I was wrong and now can’t imagine starting my day without planning and prioritizing.


If you are not a planner, it’s almost impossible to make the commitment to plan 100% of your actions starting tomorrow.  However, there is a simple step you can implement at the end of today.  STEP ONE:  Write down the top six priorities you commit to completing tomorrow before you leave work today.  These are non-negotiable and must be completed before you leave work tomorrow.  If you are in a sales job, write down the six things that are closest to the money.  What actions must be completed to close sale/sales tomorrow.


Enter these priorities on your calendar or in your ATS Applicant Track System or CRM Client Relationship Management System.  Complete at least four of the six by noon, to guarantee your success.   You can’t eliminate distractions, issues, or interruptions, but when you have your top priorities written down, you can switch from the urgent to important things seamlessly.


STEP TWO:  Write down ten outgoing calls or contacts you will complete each day. We’ve become so reliant on technology that communicating is often done by text, email, voicemail, intranet, IM, or chat.  However, most businesses flourish when there are strong relationships built with clients, customers, and employees.


You will strengthen relationships if you proactively contact clients. You can often prevent a small problem from become a major issue.  In addition, don’t only call your clients when you are making money, position yourself as a trusted advisor or consultant.  If you are in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession, position yourself as a workforce/workplace expert.


STEP THREE:  Add additional calls each month, until you are planning your top six priorities AND 100% of your outgoing calls daily.  You will put 60-90 minutes back into your day when you arrive prepared.  The #1 common denominator of high achievers is they are planners.  They don’t wait for things to happen they MAKE things happen.


If you are not sure how to prioritize or get your team to follow Step 3, Click on the link below and set up a quick call with one of our experts to discuss your challenges and priorities.  We may be your solution or not, but you will benefit by the call because they will focus on what’s most important to you and either way, we’ll remain friends.  We will also extend a 25% discount through 12/30/22


Click the link now, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!  If you’re prefer to call, dial 219.663.9609   Tip #4 tomorrow.



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