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Each day your primary goal is to get your candidates in front of hiring authorities. It’s important that you focus on how to book more send-outs. In fact, if you want to increase your production and income, the fastest way is to increase the number of send-outs you book. You are paid on results not activity, unless you work retained search.

It has always amazed me how many recruiters present five or six candidates to their hiring authorities and when the client calls to book two of the candidates, the recruiter takes the information and hangs up! Four of the people you worked to surface were just screened out. This is no different than any other objection you must overcome.

It is your job to:

  • Surface talent that meets the requirements of the job orders you write
  • Package them in a way that is desirable to your client
  • Sell back in any candidate who is screened out of the initial interview process

I’m not suggesting that you send in unqualified candidates. They must possess the expertise, experience and stability required by your client. You do not want to waste your client’s or candidate’s time by sending in marginal talent. However, when you have surfaced high level talent, it is your job to learn how to overcome objections in your initial presentation of candidates. After thirty years as a recruiter, my clients still surprise me with their hiring decisions!

So often, paperwork does not accurately define the individual you have interviewed. If there is any hesitation on your part, check references upfront to verify the credentials, work ethic and experience of your candidates. You can quote the references during your presentation to sell your candidates back in. The following are techniques to help you book more send-outs:

1. Set up Expectations for Your Clients and Candidates

  • Clients
    • What they can expect from you
    • What you expect from them
  • Candidates
    • What they can expect from you
    • What you expect from them
  • Your Co-Workers and Yourself
    • Expect to book 100% of the candidates you present
    • Share those expectations with your co-workers

2. Plan for Send-Outs Prior to Leaving Your Office

  • List activities that lead to send-outs first
  • List the six activities closest to the money first on your planner
  • Segment your day ensuring you focus on activity closest to the money
  • Complete marketing and networking calls daily

3. Learn to say, “No”

Say “No” to:

  • Job Orders, contracts or assignments you should not write
  • Candidates who do not have the skills, experience and stability your clients require
  • Candidates who are high maintenance

4. Obtain Interview Times Upfront

  • This guarantees send-outs
  • Have the name of a backup to ensure interviews are booked
  • Check references to quote past employers to help sell in your candidates
  • If a candidate is screened out, put the recruiter who represents the candidate on the phone with your hiring authority
  • Check one personal reference to obtain additional information
  • Know the hot buttons of your client and candidate and use this information when scheduling interviews | send-outs

5. Back Fill Candidates Screened Out (non-VMS clients)

  • This topic is discussed in your list of expectations
  • Show the client the benefit to them
  • Check references to quote past employers to help sell in your candidates
  • Have a goal of 2-3 candidates in the final interview process.

Follow this advice and book 100% of the candidates you present!


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