Exciting News!!!

September 16th, 2016
I have exciting news to announce!!! 
I now have Training Courses available at Lynda.com from LinkedIn  1.  Recruiting Fundamentals
Barbara Bruno, CPC, CTS, is an award-winning recruiter and industry speaker who has placed over 10,000 people in hard-to-fill positions. She understands that one great hire can change the course of an entire company. She explains what it takes to be a successful recruiter in any niche or industry.   Barb outlines recruiting best practices, such as how to embrace attitudes and expectations for success, how to best use your time, and how to overcome common objections from employers and candidates. She also addresses the change in recruiting from a mostly verbal and face-to-face communication into the new era of data-driven social and mobile connections. In addition, she provides guidance on how to establish rapport and trust with hiring authorities and attract top talent, as well as techniques for negotiating, closing, and retaining clients and candidates for the long term.   Topics Include: – Having the right attitude and expectations – Using different recruiting methods – Positioning yourself as a solution to employers – Anticipating hiring needs – Attracting top talent – Building rapport and trust – Negotiating and closing – Following up with a new hire – Tracking your metrics     STRATEGIES FOR EXTERNAL RECRUITERS
If you are entering the recruiting profession, you can work for a company (as an internal recruiter) or for a staffing and recruiting firm (as an external recruiter). External recruiters are in a unique position to help talent acquisition professionals and hiring authorities attract and hire the best talent. In this course, veteran external recruiter and trainer Barbara Bruno focuses on strategies for becoming a great external recruiter.   As a recruiter, having a great relationship with your clients is critical for your financial success. Barbara explains how to build a profitable client base, differentiate yourself from your competition, and how to effectively market candidates to your clients.   To be successful with any client, you also need to build your talent network—and know where to find talent, how to screen and interview candidates, and how to overcome objections from candidates or clients. Lastly, Barbara outlines best practices for a lifetime of success in recruiting.   Topics Include: – Finding career opportunities in recruiting – Dealing with clients, candidates, and competitors – Building a profitable client base – Differentiating yourself from other recruiters – Attracting candidates through referrals and networking – Overcoming objections from clients and candidates – Recruiting temporary and contract workers     TECHNICAL RECRUITING
IT talent is in high demand. If you are a recruiter, focusing on this niche market can be very profitable—if you know what you’re doing. Expert recruiter and trainer Barbara Bruno explains how you can best build you presence in this community by providing advice on how to market to candidates, understand what motivates them, validate their credentials, and build a network of qualified applicants. In addition, she provides tips to help you negotiate and close more deals.   There’s a shortage of top talent in Silicon Valley and every other tech hub. Recruiters have never been more important. This course will help you understand what is unique about recruiting technical talent, why these candidates are in such great demand, and help you make valuable connections between candidates and employers.   Topics Include: – Segments of IT recruiting – Verifying credentials – Managing visas and work restrictions – Managing relationships with candidates – Attracting top tech talent – Overcoming candidate and authority objections – Negotiating and closing an offer     To your continued success,    Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS President Good as Gold Training, Inc. HR Search, Inc.  [email protected] 219.663.9609 



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