I’m very excited to start this 12-day transformational journey with you. Transforming involves change which is not easy, so WHY are you on this journey with me?  Why do you want to transform yourself and your life?  What will motivate you to break out of your comfort zone?  What specifically do you want to achieve in 2023 for yourself and the people you love?  What price are the people you love paying for you NOT become the success you were meant to become?


Sadly, many people don’t know where they’re going, so they never get there!”

Highly successful people set and achieve very specific goals.  I want you to ask yourself these questions:  If you had an outstanding year in 2023, “What would you buy?” “Where would you travel?”  “What could you do for others?” “How would your life change?”

It’s almost impossible for you to transform your life, because your boss, spouse, partner, friends, or others feel you should. You WILL transform when your “WHY” is compelling enough to ignite your passion and motivation.



I know this is a Holiday week and you are busy – but if you’re serious about transforming your life, I’m asking you to complete these steps tonight.


STEP ONE:  Write down 10 non-negotiable goals in all areas of your life that matter to you most in 2023.  Some examples could include health, financial, career, family, personal, spiritual, educational, or philanthropic.


STEP TWO:  Follow each goal with 5 action items.  These should represent the actions you need to complete to achieve your goal.  If your goal is too large to be broken down into only five steps, break out your goal into two separate goals.


STEP THREE: Date each action item with a completion date


STEP FOUR:   Post these goals where you can SEE them as you work.  When you are transforming to achieve goals most important to you, reading the goals often, will motivate you to do what you need to do to achieve them.


Remember these should are non-negotiable goals that will help you achieve your short-term goals while setting you up to achieve your long-term goals.  Tip #2 will be posted tomorrow!



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