What Others Are Saying


Just wanted to thank you for your insights, suggestions and positive reinforcement.  I am over 50, had over 80 interviews and received an acceptable offer this morning for my dream job. 

I found the job posted on the Internet and carefully found an internal and local contact to recommend me directly to the hiring manager, and did a ton of research.  One problem I had was talking too much when I was nervous.  It took me a long time to get it under control but really made a difference the last month or so. I had three interviews – an hour HR phone screen, 1 1/2 hours in person with the hiring manager followed by 1 1/2 at lunch with three other team members.  It all happened in an 8 day period – amazing. Thanks again for all your help. Starting the job search over does work.  I did it twice in 2011.

You have a great handle on what works and a great manner with the mental aspects of what searchers are going through.

Best regards,

Ken Sherman

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