What Others Are Saying


I have known Barb Bruno for more than 20 years.  During that time, I have had many occasions to hear her speak and participate in her sessions.  As President of the NAPS, I can also state that I have seen her speaker evaluations for almost all of those years.  Barb as consistently been at the top of those lists and has, in many instances, been the top speaker at our NAPS Annual Conference.  Because of this personal experience, both in the audience and behind the scenes, I say with authority that Barb is one of the top speakers in the country today; topics are always relevant, she constantly refreshes her material making them applicable to “what’s happening to us today,” which allows participants to bring home specific ideas (or “take-aways”) that can be implemented immediately.  When other State and Association leaders ask for one of the best – who will draw people to an event, Barb is at the top of my list.

John Sacerdote, CPC/CTS
Association of Personnel Services

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