What Others Are Saying


Barbara Bruno… what can I say!  Barbara spoke to the National Independent Staffing Association in Chicago as our keynote speaker, to a group of independent staffing owners at their annual national convention this past week.

As always, I ask for feedback… comments from NISA owners include:  Excellent; the best trainer I have ever heard; her suggestions and ideas we will implement in our own business; have her come again; awesome; outstanding; great; I can relate to her; and personally and this comes from me, Elaine Romberg, NISA President, I have heard Barbara many times over the years and I have yet not to learn something from her.  She is without question, THE BEST TRAINER/SPEAKER for my temporary staffing owners and their staff as well as IPA (Inter-City Personnel Associates) my permanent placement network.

If you have never had her as a speaker for your conferences or meetings, you are missing out.

Barbara… and I mean this sincerely… you are the best… I really don’t remember how many times we have had you for IPA or NISA, but you have always done an outstanding job.  Not all speakers are as dynamic, and yet down-to-earth, as you are.  Owners relate to you… you talk their language and you know what you are talking about.  Our owners are most fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear you.  Thank you for EVERYTHING…

With highest regard, love and respect…

Elaine Romberg

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