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With 26 years’ experience in executive search, why do I need a trainer to come in and teach the same stuff I have been teaching? That was the mindset I had for many years. That is until 2 of my recruiters attended a conference where Barb Bruno was conducting a seminar. When they returned from the conference, the recruiters couldn’t stop talking about what they had experienced. But more than that, they changed the way they ran their desk and their billings increased.

So I gave in and invited Barb to come into our office and spend 2 days with my 15 recruiters. My firm has been changed forever. Barb challenged every person to focus on their goals, own their stats and perform at a higher level.

Did she really teach anything different? Yes and no. The industry has evolved and Barb has kept up with current best practices. But the difference is  the way she teaches the business. I have never seen anyone command and engage a room of trainees the way she does. Over 2 full 8-hour days, they never lost focus. Barb took the time to inquire as to where we needed training and tailored her curriculum to those areas.

The net / net is that my firm is better today than it was before Barb came. But more than that, it was great to have another set of eyes from the same industry assess my firm.

I don’t care how good your people are and how well you think your firm is doing, it can always be better.  Barb truly challenged and inspired everyone, from the relative newcomers to our best performers,  to take their business to the next level.

It is my pleasure to recommend Barb Bruno as a trainer of executive search. My firm is changed forever and I will bring her back again.

Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith & Associates

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